Meeting Minutes

BCHA Pre-Chapter Meeting

February 17, 2018

El Potro Restaurant  11:00 am

Preparation Date:  3/6/2018





Denise Farris (NATRC, AERC, KS Horse Council, BCHA)

Mark Nepote (Hillsdale)

Monica Chapman (AERC National Trails Coordinator, KS Horse Council, BCHA)

Steve Lindsey (NATRC, BCHA National Director, BCHA KS Founder)

John Shefcyk (Hillsdale)

Mary Colby (NATRC, BCHA, Saddle Ridge Founder)

Lynette Burkhart (BCHA, Saddle Ridge Volunteer)

Farley and Kayla Ratzlaff (Owners, S & S Stables and Saddle Ridge Volunteers)

Rick Medlin (BCHA, Saddle Ridge Founder and Saddle Ridge Riders Director, Volunteer)



  • Discussion re: Saddle Ridge BCHA Chapter Formation


There are currently 4 regions in BCHA Kansas, which is an established 501C3 organization formed as a subdivision of the national Back Country Horsemen of America organization.

  1. Saddle Ridge would be a sub-division of BCHA KS, would not require a separate 501C3 filing, would share BCHA-KS banking with its own segregated account, and would enjoy the support of both the State and National Organizations.
  2. No chapter formation costs; member dues would be based on State and National dues annual.
  3. No annual filings would be required from Saddle Ridge where it’s a subdivision of BCHA-KS.
  4. Saddle Ridge activities would be covered by National and KS policy; D&O Coverage provided as well.
  5. Formation would require a minimum of 15 members, by-law submission and approval, and collection of new member dues.
  6. Group approved creating Saddle Ridge Chapter if possible at next work day set for March 3, 2017 at Hillsdale-Saddle Ridge.
  7. Mary Colby, Steve Lindsey and Denise Farris to advertise for both work and new member volunteer attendance for March 3rd.

UPDATE: BCHA Saddle Ridge officially approved and formed 3/3/2018. By-Laws adopted and attached as Ex. 1.



  • Pending Projects
  • Bulletin Board


The group discussed the proposed bulletin board to be constructed by the Park Admission cabin.  Lynette Burkhart volunteered to construct the board with design provided by Rick Medlin. The board will be used to post trail warnings, closings, work days, and volunteer activity days.  At present the board will be available to the public for postings and not locked.

Members are asked to regularly clean the board of outdated postings to clear room for new postings.  Estimated time for completion will be at or around March 3rd.


UPDATE:  Bulletin board completed, installed and used March 3 and 4 by BCHA work crews.



  • Equipment Needs


Discussion was held re: the park’s major heavy equipment needs and possible avenues to secure. Primary “wish list” included:

  1. Mini-excavator for trail erosion, clearance and water flow control
  2. Tractor/Brush hog
  3. 4 wheeler / ATV


Some confusion over whether secural and donation of the equipment directly to the Park would:

  1. Secure that equipment exclusively for Saddle Ridge or if it could be reassigned to another park
  2. Whether the donation would be tax deductible as a charitable contribution


Denise suggested the equipment be secured directly by BCHA, where it would clearly be tax deductible and 100% under the control of BCHA.  BCHA Saddle Ridge would then “lease” the equipment to Hillsdale annually for $1.00/year plus routine maintenance or extraordinary maintenance arising out of Hillsdale’s use of the equipment, with BCHA retaining the right to negotiate discrete work weekends to use that equipment at other BCHA trail work at other locations, with BCHA-KS responsible for maintenance and extraordinary repairs for any damage arising out of or related to that off-site use.


Park indicated this would need to be cleared with KS KDWPT legal department, which Denise will pass on to Linda Lanterman for review and decision.


Prospective corporate partners to explore full or partial donations from include:

  1. Heritage Tractor
  2. Clarkson Construction
  1. Dean Machinery
  2. Local equipment rental companies

UPDATE:  Denise, Rick Medlin and Mark Nepote met with Derick McGhee at Heritage Tractor on Friday March 2nd to discuss equipment request and either full or partial donation by Heritage. Derick asked the group to identify a single piece of equipment and he would explore possibilities and get back. At March 3rd work day BCHA Saddle Ridge settled on requesting a mini-excavator with 6 way blade, size 17G or 35G, Denise passed this request on to Derick March 6th.



  • Areas Requiring Work


Discussion was held regarding various areas in the park needing work. This included various culverts, portions of the trail identified as “over-used”, etc. Group also discussed difficulty of agreement over the location of these areas given the park’s current trail marking system.  Defined work areas tabled until the group can better identify those areas with specificity. The March 3rd work day areas will be identified and coordinated by Mary Colby. Park stressed the importance of NOT creating any new routes or switchbacks without Park’s prior approval. Group agreed all such requests for BCHA work should be handled thru Mary Colby.


UPDATE:  On March 3rd, 23 BCHA volunteers worked at Saddle Ridge from 9:30 am until approximately 2:30 pm. Work included but was not limited to clearing trails, removing brush, trimming branch overhangs or dead limbs or trees blocking trail, with the major focus on all blue trails around the horse camp. Additional work included:

Rented Mini-excavator: trail widening and creation of water drain flows on blue trail

directly behind the horse camp and directly across the gravel road from the horse camp,

by the lake and to the Saddle Ridge Day Parking Area.   Red Trail from X to Water Loop cleared; entry way to Horse Camp cleared of branch overhangs, Red /Blue trail from Horse Camp to Road Crossing over to 5 cleared, Red Trail from 5 about ½ way to S & S cleared; Red trail from 7-8 cleared.





  • Trail Marking


Denise previously recommended utilizing volunteer efforts of high level Boy and Girl Scouts to assist the park in incrementally marking all areas of the trail. Denise proposed using existing colored trails and diamond markers, but having each marker identified by Trail Number and Incremental Number. Thus red markers from X to 7 would be:  X1, X2, X3, etc. up to 7. Red Markers from 7 to 8 would be: 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, etc. Blue trails would have the same numbering, and the park maps would be renumbered accordingly with the assistance of the Scouts and hopefully a representative from Garmin.


Jeff Johnson with Hillsdale alternatively proposed remarking each loop with a new color and numbering so people using the park could quickly identify they were on the white, blue, yellow, orange, green etc. trail and the numbered marking. Discussion was held regarding whether this detailed reorganization would require too much time and delay much needed identification, without a decision being made.


Mary Colby did identify that if colored diamonds were to be implemented, it would only require the park marking what trail needed what color, and then teams going out with paint spray cans and recoloring and then, once dry, numbering existing markers.  The map would then be updated accordingly.


This is a decision which needs to be made by the Park, but hopefully in time to allow work this spring, or alternatively this fall once the brush starts dying off.





The park advised that new corrals would be installed at Saddle Ridge and will advise dates of proposed installation and volunteer assistance requests in time for Saddle Ridge to post.




  • BCHA Saddle Ridge Formation


Members formally approved the formation of BCHA-Saddle Ridge on March 3, 2018. Preliminary by-laws were approved and passed out to attendees but will be reviewed in more detail and – if requested – motions for amendment addressed.  Formation Chairperson was Denise Farris, but Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs still need to be nominated and approved at the next meeting. Denise will coordinate setting this meeting date and time, to be held either at the Park Conference Room or the Hillsdale Community Center.


There being no further business, the meeting on February 17, 2018 adjourned at 1:15 pm.  The formation meeting on March 3rd commenced at 9:00 am and adjourned at 9:30 am.

Respectfully submitted:


________________________________/s/ Denise E. Farris___________________________

3/6/2018 Denise E. Farris